3 Step Facial Cleansing Bundle

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For The Best Clean & Clear Skin Use Our 3 Step System ‼️



African Black Soap 2oz

Rose Oil 1oz

Aloe+Rose Toner 2oz

Step 1: Cleanse Face With African Black Soap
Step 2: Mist Face With Aloe+Rose Toner
Step 3: Apply Rose Oil, Press Into Skin

  • Always patch test any skin care product to avoid any allergic reactions and/or skin irritations. 
  • Patch test by dabbing a drop on your inner wrist and waiting at least 24 hours to see if there’s a reaction.
  • If a reaction occurs STOP using the product immediately.


Customer Reviews

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Sade Stallworth
Cleansing Bundle

I love how the liquid soap lather, you literally only need two pump, and the rose and aloe toner and the rose oil is so refreshing after cleaning my face with the liquid soap. It’s so amazing ♥️